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ENTRE COCHE Y ANDEN is the brain child of multi-talented traveling musician Angel Vargas, who founded the collaborative music ensemble and has led it ever since 2002. Based in Madrid, Ángel and the ensemble are currently preparing his new album, which will be live recorded during their tour of summer of 2016.

He is a grand character – focusing his hilarious lyrics on passion, fear, relationships and the contradictions of the human condition. He tackles these subjects with a frankness that is so refreshing it leaves you no choice but to join the party and dance. His stage presence as well as his lyrics demonstrate what is at the centre of all of this to him – love. Love of the music, the crowd, performing.

His songs bring together a variety of musical styles and specifically at his live shows you are surprised by his ability to naturally connect country, swing, rumbo, bolero, corrido, ranchera, tango, paso doble, bosa nova and more – without a doubt music that is popular all around the world.

Current set-up/ensemble:
Ángel Vargas (voice and guitar), Miguel Reyes (drums), Iván Raymores (bass), Juan Tamayo (saxophone and flute), María Valverde (backing vocals and percussion)